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  We've got a large training area to roll on, most of the mats are high quality sport surfaces and more are one the way and most importantly, the mats are swept everyday and sanitized regularly!

New Location

We have moved to a new location check us out at:

524 E Brannen Ave.

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Thank you for visiting the home of the Flagstaff Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy! We are located at 460 n. Switzer Canyon Drive in Flagstaff Arizona. We are a good group of guys who train in brazilian jiu jitsu and were hoping you would come and train with us. It doesnt matter what skill level you are at we're sure you will fit right in with us. There are many different reasons for trying out brazilian jiu jitsu, weight loss, increased stamina, self defense, competition, or you might just love grappling, but whatever your reasons we are sure to be able to help you reach your goals! Most of us compete regularly at a local and national level but that is not necessary to join. If you decide you would like to compete there are many tournaments available and we can help you get ready. If your interests are more into MMA we can help you get your ground game up and going. Most fighters today are specializing in a base martial art and if your looking to get into full contact or cage fighting you will benefit from ground work. Please feel free to come on by and check us out, you can find the schedule on the following "schedule" page and come on in and sit in on a class or join in. Your first week of training is free of charge and after that if you decide you would like to stay we have a low monthly fee. If you have any questions please call Chuck Smith at the number above and he will anwer any questions you may have. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!

We are affiliated with Wellington "Megaton" Dias out of Phoenix, Az. He is a Black Belt of the Gracie Humaita school under Royler Gracie and the president of the Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Please click on his logo to visit his website and learn more about him and if you're ever in Phoenix look him up! His classes are amazing and you'll get the workout of your life!
Proudly sponsored by A Friendly Cab! If ever in Flagstaff and in need of travel services call 928-774-4444. Thanks so much to Tim, Mike, and Beth for all the continued support!
We are also sponsored by Flagstaff's premier tattoo and body piercing shop Tat-Fu tattoo! Thank you to Nick and all the guys down there who are working hard at keeping us pretty! If you find yourself without any body modifications call 928-213-5493 and get yourself hooked up!

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